Monday, July 1, 2013

And then my washing machine caught of fire...

Do you ever have those times where it's like "seriously what else can go wrong?!?!?" I feel like we've had those for about a month now. It was an insane mess trying to find the hubs a job. He's employed now and he's loving his job. He's loving having his family around.

But of course there have been ups and downs and downs and downs. We are both working and it's that odd time where you are working but it feels like money is still just flying out the door faster than coming in. So we had planned a very quite weekend a couple of weekends ago. We were going to do yard work and house work and just spend time working together at the house as a family.

I was in the middle of tackling laundry. I was in my room folding and sorting into his pile, my pile, kids piles. And I just thought about going to the kitchen no real reason I walk in and I'm like, "hey there's a lot of smoke" and I check the stove and the oven thinking maybe the hubs turned something on and then walked back outside. Then I notice the smoke just lingering in the laundry room. I walk in and I hear popping and I just open the washer to make it stop spinning and open the dryer. Then I run outside in my weiner dog pj pants and matching weiner dog shirt and jump up and down yelling at Jason to come inside. He gets rubber gloves and smothers and unplugs the machine. And that's it the washer is done and I'm in the middle of a giant pile and my house stunk for days like burning plastic.

Just what you want to do on a Saturday right? Now I take laundry on the way to work to my mother's house. We will get a new washer soon. It's on the list.

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